Fleet Safety Solutions

Safety Alert is the leader in fleet safety services. Since 1991, we have helped thousands of companies to reduce their accident frequency rate and save millions of dollars in reduced accidents. More importantly, we have saved lives.

To reduce vehicle downtime and prepare drivers for their daily tasks, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Alertdriving.

Alertdriving has specialized in global, online driver risk management solutions. Their one-of-a-kind platform, FleetDefense®, has helped customers reduce collisions, injuries, operating costs and liability exposure in over 125 countries and for over 20 years.

Micro-Learning Platform

Build custom driver safety training programs from our 25,000 titles

With more than 25,000 global defensive driver training title available, clients can create custom programs to target specific improvement areas. Translated and localized for 125 countries, the platform's administrative tracking and reporting tools ensure full visibility across your entire company from anywhere in the world.

Product Offerings

Individual Learning Plans

Our Individual Learning Plan was built to maximize collision reductions through automated training assignments with our prioritization engine and progressive, multi-year learning strategy.

Identify Driver Risk Across Your Entire Fleet

Hazard Perception 360 combines real-life driving scenarios with behavior-based theory questions. Fleet drivers are 50% more likely to be hurt or killed in road crashes. Don't wait for another accident to assess the problems in your fleet. Let HP 360 by FleetDefense® identify the behaviors behind every risk your drivers take on the road.

Dig Into Deep-Rooted Behaviors

Advanced behavior-based program uses interactive exercises to deliver memorable and engaging driver training. Ensure your drivers understand the dangerous beliefs that lead to risky driving behavior. MotorMind by FleetDefense® starts where other training ends!

Defensive Driver Training Lessons

Keep safety at the forefront of drivers' minds. Defensive Driver Training lessons by FleetDefense® trains the way adults learn best, testing drivers not just once, but at regular intervals—and in a modular design with local content that targets specific collisions.

Defensive Driver Training Lessons

Automatically assign event driven training based on GPS data with Track & Train by FleetDefense®. We can easily trigger violation-based defensive driver training to ensure you get maximum return on investment from your telematics spend.

Other Vehicle Types Available

Along with our passenger vehicle program, FleetDefense® has complete solutions for other vehicle fleets:

Commercial Trucks

From roadside inspections, maintenance and driver fatigue to devastating accident costs, commercial fleets face a host of unique challenges.

Powered-Two Wheelers

Lacking a vehicle's protective shell, motorcycle and scooter riders need space and skill to avoid collisions. Start doing more to help these high-risk drivers stay safe on the road.

Warehouse Vehicles

Forklift operator training lessons are based on our proven core competency approach to behavior-based training.

Further Features

  • Platform & Integration

    Over 1 million drivers around the world have already used FleetDefense®. The program assesses and targets high-risk driver behaviors with one simple, easily managed tool that can cut costs, collisions, injuries and liability exposure by up to 60%. We also integrate into your system.

  • Localized Content

    FleetDefense® provide tailored training. US Learners receive localized content which covers situations as experienced on US roads every day. The training can be consumed in US English, Spanish or Japanese. Your company work internationally? No problem, we can offer localized training to 90% of the world’s population.

  • Reporting & Benchmarking

    From crash causes to cultural differences, the challenges facing fleets vary sometimes even within one company. We maximize savings by tailoring driver programs to your business' needs.

  • Program Support

    Get all the help you'll need even before you join. Prior to signing, you'll work with dedicated resources to develop solutions that fit your specific training needs. Our account teams and analytics specialists won't stop working to identify areas of driver risk throughout your fleet.

  • Global Delivery & Data Privacy

    You don't need to be an expert in global IT infrastructure to provide secure, lightning-fast content everywhere—not when FleetDefense® can. FleetDefense® is optimized for broad program reach and unprecedented data scalability.

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