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  1. Do your 24-hour, 800-number “how’s my driving?” monitoring and reporting services work?
    We provide coverage for thousands of vehicles in hundreds of companies. Our clients currently average a 34% annualized call rate (34 calls per every 100 vehicles). This allows them to identify drivers who regularly take risks or about operational problems so that action can be taken to prevent accidents.Typically our clients reduce their accident frequency rates and related expenses by 10% or more. Our services generally pay for themselves many times over (click here to do a cost benefit worksheet).

  2. What if your services don’t work for my company?
    We offer the best guarantee in our industry. Your annual fee will be returned to you if you do not experience a minimum 10% reduction in your accident frequency rate after having your fleet covered for 12 months.Further, you will have your annual monitoring fee returned to you if you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason. No hassles, you get your annual monitoring fee returned. Our unconditional money-back guarantee makes using our services risk-free.

  3. How can your services help me when most of my accidents are backing accidents and property damage involving small “fender benders”?
    Some drivers are more prone to accidents because of their regular carelessness and risk taking. Research shows that those same individuals are likely to be taking risks in a variety of situations. Our detailed incident and monthly reports help you identify these drivers. It alerts you as to whom may need additional coaching counseling, and refresher training before trouble accidents occur. We help replace hindsight with foresight.

  4. I don’t believe that a cost/benefit exists for my company to use your services. Why should I use them when my accident experience is so low?
    While your accident frequency rate is low, do you know the total cost (lost productivity, medical expenses, repair cost, workers’ compensation, etc.) of each accident? Why not see the potential benefits for yourself. Click here to do a cost benefit worksheet.

  5. I am concerned about nuisance and unfounded calls. How do you prevent those?
    If they occur, nuisance and unfounded calls are our problem. This is another advantage of having our service. Of the thousands of calls we receive each year, less than 1% are unfounded. Further, our operators and management use extensive screening procedures that identify 99% of those. They are eliminated before ever being sent to you.

  6. I already have a hard time getting good drivers. Won’t your services make it harder?
    Actually no. For no additional service cost, we can recruit drivers for you by using decal wording that states, “To comment about safety or inquire about employment.” Just as you receive incident reports you will receive a report that provides important screening information on the applicant. Further, these inquiries will likely be from drivers that have good driving records your decal lets them know that road safety is an important goal for your company.

  7. How do you address the fact that your services are basically negative?
    Any tool can be misused and abused. Our services are neutral. First, only a small percentage of your drivers will likely have patterns of negative reports. Talking with a few drivers about incident reports is far less negative than talking with them about, or disciplining them because of accidents. Further, how our services are used determines how they are viewed. We provide specific advice on how to use our services in a positive way. For example, your truly safe drivers are those that do not have any accidents, moving traffic violations, and no incident reports. Those are the ones to reward and recognize. They are doing something right.

  8. Will my insurance company lower my rates if I use your program?
    The best way to lower your insurance costs is to lower your accident losses. Commercial insurance policies are usually “experience rated” by an underwriter. The fewer accidents you have, the lower your “experience modifier” and therefore, the lower your rates will be. A lower accident rate also makes you more attractive to other insurance companies. You may be able to “shop” your policy and save even more money.

  9. What makes Safety Alert Network different from other 1-800 monitoring companies
    Individualized service with a customer focus. Every customer is assigned a customer service representative to manage their account. You have a “real person” watching over your fleet and monitoring its activity. You have someone to call when you have a question, problem, or special request.Further, we are very flexible in how we set-up and serve your organization. For, example, we can break down reports for larger organizations into reports by district, division or regions with incident reports and monthly reports being sent to all locations. We can send reports by mail, fax, or e-mail.You tell us what you needs are and we will adapt our reporting to meet them.

  10. We use “Black Box” recorders to monitor our vehicles, why would we need your service?
    Black boxes are very expensive to install and the data may not always be readily accessible. Further, while a black box provides data from which “inferences” about driving patterns might be drawn, try to explain “inferences” to your drivers. Black boxes do not tell in descriptive details what is happening. For example, it cannot tell you that a driver is speeding in a school zone, tailgating, or that he just pulled into traffic without sufficient headway.

  11. I’ve seen your decals on large trucks but my fleet is mainly cars and vans. Would your service work for us?
    Safety Alert Network serves all type vehicles from flat bed trailers and tractors to subcompact cars. Since 1992, we have provided service to thousands of vehicles in hundreds of companies performing local and over-the-road driving.

  12. I have a small fleet. Would your service work for me?
    In many ways, your risks are greater than those of larger organizations. One major accident with punitive damages can bankrupt a small firm. Small fleets often cannot be as selective of its drivers or provide regular training. It is even more important for you to know how your drivers are performing away from supervision.

  13. What advantage does your program offer over taking all the calls my self?
    Our trained operators answer calls 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year, providing coverage for thousands of vehicles in hundreds of companies. You or your staff do not have to deal with irate callers. We keep all records and make incident reports to you when we receive them. You also get monthly roll-up reports that allow you to look for trends and track progress and show how your fleet’s performance compares to the others in our data base. Further, we are an objective third party with “no axe to grind” for any of your employees. Our management and staff are like an extension of your own. This provides a coverage and protection that are difficult to duplicate at the rates we charge.

  14. My drivers are unionized, would they be likely to support implementation of your program?
    There is a great deal of truth in the statement that “everyone benefits from a safer work environment.” Our services help save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce costs. Further, by identifying performance problems early, employees may avoid discipline or termination by receiving corrective counseling or re-training. One of our officers can speak directly with your management and union representatives by conference call to answer your questions. We can make some suggestions for implementing our program in a way that meets the needs of management and labor. Since our program usually results in significant declines in accidents, union employees may also benefit in savings through profit sharing and bonus programs.

  15. Our trucks are distinctive and look good. We don’t want an ugly decal to detract from their appearance.
    Our standard decals are designed for high visibility and easy reading. However, you can order custom colored decals with your choice of wording. We will provide some advice and examples so that the decals are still effective in generating calls. These are provided at no additional cost when 200 or more decals are ordered. Orders of less than 200 decals can be made to your specifications for an additional cost. You will be charged only for our cost for the special order.

  16. My fleet is mostly flat beds. How can I attach your decals?
    Safety Alert Network can provide specifications for, or provide aluminum plates ($3.95 ea.) pre-drilled to fit the mud flap brackets on flatbed trailers. You can then affix our decals to the plates, which we suggest be located on the right rear mud flap bracket.

  17. Our drivers never leave the city. How can your services help our fleet?
    Yes, there is a difference in the accident experience of “local” fleets and “over-the-road” fleets. When over-the road fleets have accidents, the severity of the accident is usually greater due to the higher speeds. Local fleets are exposed to many more risks, however, because of the many more drivers operating within their driving environment. Most accidents occur near a vehicle’s domiciled location because that is where most driving is done. Safety Alert Network’s services work equally well for both type operations because they focus on monitoring the performance of individual drivers working away from supervision.
Fleet Monitoring is Effective.
Fleet monitoring (1-800 How’s My Driving) is one of the most effective ways to improve your fleet’s safety record. Contact us today to see why we are the leader in fleet safety solutions.
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